After a much needed day’s rest in Hebden Bridge, we had the first really enjoyable day, our packs being carried for us (poor old things) and the weather improved. This of course was Ted Hughes country, and his poetry casts a harsh light on my efforts! (I was brought up as a young child in Hebden Bridge and will post my poems inspired by the place elsewhere.)

Only now, as the sky widens
Can my voice stretch
And join the curlew’s joyous
Only now, where the greens freshen,
Can my eyes clear
And bathe in colour, vibrant
With life and light.
Only here, where the breeze softens,
Can my lungs fill
And clear the mind to capture
The scents of Spring.


Here is Ted Hughes’ take on Widdop:

Where there was nothing

somebody put a frightened lake.


Where there was nothing

Stony shoulders

Broadened to support it.


A wind from between the stars

Swam down to sniff at the trembling.


Trees holding hands, eyes closed,

Acted at world.


Some heath-grass crept close, in fear.


Nothing else

Except when a gull blows through


A rip on the fabric


Out of nothingness into nothingness


So we see what is inside us …….


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