At the End


Thanks to those of you who have followed our journey! This is my final summary……..

As I rise to Kinder

The mind’s needle locks on

To the Border Hotel

250 miles northwards.

Now every step connects

Me to the free half pint!

Each step goal directed,

Obscuring the moment,

Narrowing the channels

Of imagination.

The need to meander,

To allow experience

To form pools and rapids,

To pause at the detail

Of the wild history

Is overcome, stifled

By the goal’s tyranny.

This is a plot driven

Story, driven by hopes

For a happy ending.

Whole stanzas of poetry

Are missed, but the poem

Survives, in retrospect

Perhaps, but drawing

Power from the struggle.

Goal achieved, I lie back,

The tightness of the effort

Loosened, allowing blood

To seep into places

Where experience waits

In unconscious silence.


5 thoughts on “At the End

    • Thanks. Your blog us doing a different and valuable job judging from the first couple of entries that I’ve just read. Wish we’d seen it before we had set off! We were far too casual on first day and arrived at Crowden when it was almost dark and there was no shop open so no supper apart from a breakfast bar!


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