Fairy Loup 2


The woods open their arms

To draw us in, alone

To where the Springtime charms

And the breeze makes soft moan.


The velvet forest floor,

A verdant fairy loup

Half masks a hidden store

Of magic as eyelids droop.


Then conjured from the shade

Loups a lush whirligig

Of colour and shape, made

Where spirits skip and jig.


This is another of a series of poems that were inspired by a book, “Scenes Through Different Eyes”. This was a collaboration between Phil McMenemy, a photographer whose images he has allowed me to post here and Julie Dumbarton, an artist whose work can be seen on her website (www.juliedumbarton.com). They each brought their own skills and vision to the same landscape to create a beautiful book. Phil’s work can be explored on his Facebook page (www.facebook.com/GalleryAtLaurieston/) or on his website (https://philmcmenemy.smugmug.com/). Having bought the book, I didn’t want it to sit ignored on a coffee table and so I wrote a sequence of poems that forced me to look and think about the photographs and paintings. They will be posted here over the next few weeks.


One thought on “Fairy Loup 2

  1. You have a lovely way with words. Takes you in. The “Half masks a hidden store” part reminds me of Wordsworth’s “Half hidden from the eye!” line from his ‘She dwelt among the untrodden ways’. Good stuff 🙂

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