Tree and Bluebells


The woodland floor shimmers, like the shiver

Of bows across the violin fingerboard,

Busy, soft, scurrying with life.


The new day is full of expectation,

The promise of honey in the perfumed

Coolness; the start of some epic drama.


Above the whispered harmonies, the birds

Declare their presence, wrapt in the moment,

Flitting out of sight in the dappled light.


In the distance, a warm echo chamber

Of rich brass chords draws our eyes to the sunlit

Clearings growing closer through the morning.


The scene is completed by assertive

Forms, the characters for the day’s dramas –

Beech trunks, fern triplets, and the old tree stump.


The day warms, the volume grows, harmonies

Darken until all the detail explodes

In a fanfare, a blizzard of colour.


This is another of a series of poems that were inspired by a book, “Scenes Through Different Eyes”. This was a collaboration between Phil McMenemy, a photographer whose images he has allowed me to post here and Julie Dumbarton, an artist whose work can be seen on her website ( They each brought their own skills and vision to the same landscape to create a beautiful book. Phil’s work can be explored on his Facebook page ( or on his website ( Having bought the book, I didn’t want it to sit ignored on a coffee table and so I wrote a sequence of poems that forced me to look and think about the photographs and paintings. They will be posted here over the next few weeks.


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