Love is blind


I suspect the truth is overrated;

Alright for some, who can assume blithely

That the sun will shine and the crops will grow,

Who can stand in silence boldly facing

The watching eyes with their unknown judgements.

For the rest, does it help to know we die?

To be reminded of our impotence

In the face of the world’s horrors? to join

with crawling beasts in insignificance?

We may be faithless, unreliable

Witnesses, easily led to some fruit

Dangling by the roadside. lacking courage

To see the world through the eyes of others;

Yet, is not our blindness a kind of love,

And our gift for unreasonable hope

What exalts us to the realm of angels?


3 thoughts on “Love is blind

  1. Interesting poem. There are points in life where we come to realise the darker side of life as well. I feel this poem highlights that. But towards the end, it still provides hope. Kind of meta since the hope aspect of humanity you highlight gives the reader hope. 🙂

    Only didn’t get the “is not our blindness a kind of love” part. Otherwise, nicely observed.


    • Thanks for your comment. Blindness as a kind of love is one of the apparent mysteries of life, but just imagine what a terrible burden it would be to a child if the parent couldn’t allow them to be something the parent can’t see. Allowing the person we love to be something we don’t see is important in any relationship I think – it is not good to try and see everything in those we love. Hope that makes sense.

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      • Ah, wow. That’s a great thought! True. It’s difficult to know exactly what goes on in the mind of another person, what their justification & ambitions are, and what experiences they’ve faced. So sometimes we just need to show compassion and have faith that they will make the decision that’s right for them. Thanks for that thought. Lovely.

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