The Quad

If you stumble through the gatehouse,

past the porter’s lodge,

you will stand in the sun baked quad

with no scope to dodge

the complacent scrutiny of

those whose world includes

the use of the words ‘heuristic’

and ‘semiotics’.

The stones shine with their smooth faces

as yet free of holes

from bullets fired with the anger

of common sense by the powerless.


Oddly, it is the bullets that

will be heuristic

and their firing an exercise

in semiotics,

whilst the complacent smiles rummage

through data to find

a more secure truth, evidenced

to take an honoured place

in time, fixed behind the stone walls.

Will the signified

overcome the signifier’s


destruction? From here, none can hear

the crack of melting

ice in the warming seas, no stench

of rotting fish comes

between the self absorbed and their

myth filled universe.

the cry of the drowning poor, swept

aside by typhoons,

cannot be heard in these inspired

spaces. Nature will

assert its own cold certainties.

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